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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the World Team Academy?
At the world-famous Wallaby Ranch Hang Gliding Flight Park, near Orlando, Florida.

What are the requirements for students to attend World Team Academy?
Students must have soloed and be aerotow proficient in midday conditions for soaring instruction. If not, we can help you learn those skills quickly.

Can I rent a glider at the World Team Academy?
A vast selection of gliders, from beginner gliders to the latest competition wings, are available for rent at Wallaby Ranch.

Can I get my aerotow sign-off at the World Team Academy?
You can get your aerotow sign-off at Wallaby Ranch before you start your World Team Academy clinic or individual training program.

What equipment will I need?
Besides a glider, a harness with parachute, a helmet, a vario, a 2 meter radio and a good headset with push-to-talk are required. A GPS is very useful for cross-country instruction, but not required. A cell phone is recommended, but not required. If you do not own some of those items, you may be able to rent them, given advance notice.

Where can I stay during my training at the World Team Academy?
Tent camping with bathroom and shower facilities are available onsite at Wallaby Ranch. There are several motels within three miles that offer special discount Ranch rates. For more information, contact the staff at Wallaby Ranch.

What other expenses will I incur during my clinic at the World Team Academy?
The World Team Academy rates include instruction only. You are responsible for the regular flight park expenses (tows, rentals, aerotow sign-off, etc.) and any other expenses (retrieval, lodging, meals, etc.).

What about XC retrieval?
World Team Academy can arrange retrieve for you with local drivers. We are very flexible and can work with your own vehicle (with racks) and driver to save you money.

When is the best weather?
Wallaby Ranch operates seven day a week, all year round, but the best months (in order) are May, April, March, October, February, and November.

Will I be charged if the weather is bad, and we can't fly?
Once you have finished your ground school (regular day rates), there will be no charges for no-fly days.

What clothes will I need?
During December, January, and February we might have some cold days (nights in the 30s , 45-55 F during the day), but the average temperatures during the day are around 70 F and 40- 50 F at night. We fly with windstopper fleece gloves and a micro fleece top with lycra speed sleeves over it. For the rest of the year, shorts and t-shirts are sufficient on most days.

Can I share a day's expense with other pilots?
Yes, you can share expenses with up to two other pilots for the same rate, i.e. the $300/full day rate would be $100 per pilot.

Do I need a car?
It is not required, if you are on a limited budget.

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